My Dad is starting to forget things. When I visited today he asked me reset the alarm on his bedside clock – it had kept him up all night by going off every ten minutes. At times the wiring in his brain short-circuits, causing confusion and mixed memories.

As we go through life, it’s easy to forget what we’ve learnt. The information, skills, experiences and thoughts just keep piling up in our minds, higher and higher until they’re out of sight and long forgotten.

Until one day…

  • We go to secure items on a trailer and realise we know how to tie knots.
  • We need to comfort a friend and realise we know how to communicate empathetically.
  • We hurt ourselves and realise we know first aid.
  • We are asked for our opinion and we can give a reasoned argument.

I watched a friend deliver his software training to a group of employees: they were thrilled to learn about Ctrl V, Ctrl C, Ctrl X and Ctrl Z. I thought everyone would know the short-cuts for Paste, Copy, Cut and Undo by now…

We’re all different. What’s obvious to me may be amazing to you.

What is obvious to you?