Following on from yesterday’s post, I have an admission to make…

I feel a bit despondent when I find someone already doing something I thought would be an awesome thing for me to do.

Crazy, huh?

Here are two examples:

Wellingtonian Michael Moore-Jones is the teenage brainchild behind this inspiring video-rich site. He’s even got both the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition to answer the question: “What is one thing that they didn’t teach you in school, but that you wish you had known when you were younger?” Brilliant.

Scott Dinsmore makes me want to get off the couch and go walking again! A recent post on this site asks 57 living legends (from Seth Godin to Simon Sinek, JD Roth to Jim Cathcart) to describe ‘the moment’ that defined their passion. Fascinating and diverse.

So now I take a deep breath and pause for a moment. Surely just because someone else has kicked off something doesn’t mean I can’t do it too? I’m bound to do it differently, after all.

Then I consider why I love this Hugh Macleod cartoon so much. It resonates with me and make me swell with Y-E-S!

Perhaps I could benefit from redefining my take on “the only one”…

Stay tuned.