When I first looked at my pile of possessions stacked up in my brother’s house (after ending my trek) I thought “Jeepers, there’s tonnes of stuff here! What am I going to do with it all?”

I started digging through the boxes to find some items I wanted to use again – like my shaving brush, and other clothes besides my tramping gear, different footwear, a journal and two text books. I then realised that compared to many folk, I actually own very little. Yet, a vast amount of those items I haven’t used for a long time, don’t need at all or are just waiting until I work out what life has in store for me next.

A friend of mine has one back-pack of possessions. He likes the freedom it provides.

Part of me finds that concept very, very appealing. Especially since (as this video shows) the way the world deals with ‘stuff’ has to change some time soon.

I’ve always enjoyed following the 100 Things Challenge. I’ve pondered at times what are the key items that I a) use and b) love. But because my life is so varied, how would I narrow it down to ‘less than I have now’? After all, I have gear for:

  • Tramping and cold weekends on camp
  • ‘Professional moments’ like shirts and suit coats and ties (though I proclaim to have an allergy to ties…mwah-haha!)
  • Tennis and yoga and dancing
  • Presenting and running training courses
  • Business – admin/office items and accounting records
  • Scout uniforms and souvenirs and resources
  • Not to mention table and chairs (far bigger than I need), a small sofa, bookcase, stereo, etc

I’m keen to keep life simple. I suspect ‘less stuff’ is going to feature in that plan.