Last night I crewed for a function venue, hosting a high school senior formal. It was a great event – the teenagers all dressing to impress, dancing to toe-tapping music, a yummy supper and endless non-alcoholic drinks.

For the 5.5 hours I worked serving drinks and clearing tables I will receive $15 per hour.

This afternoon I caught up with some good friends, one of whom is struggling with the classic ‘what career path shall I follow?’ question.

They shouted me a hot chocolate and we chatted for nearly two hours. I’m pretty sure they enjoyed the time as much as I did, and the questions I posed (and information I shared) have the potential to be life-changing. They left fizzing.

I know I provide more value than $15 per hour. My question to myself therefore, is why do I find it so difficult to put a significantly higher dollar value on something that comes naturally to me and is fun to do?

  • Is it a belief that I can’t have fun and earn money at the same time?
  • Is it a fear that a client might choke at my invoice and think I’m an extortionist?
  • Could it be the idea that by charging I am locking myself into the field/profession/job, where in fact I want to be able to turn my hand to lots of different roles?
  • Do I not fully appreciate the value I deliver and think it’s not actually worth much?

Have you ever found yourself in this situation? Do you find yourself questioning what you do and why you do it?

What are your thoughts on the value you provide?