In search of inspiration today, I browsed.

This post by Ev Brogue (featuring Gwen Bell) hit me squarely between the eyes. Comments were unfortunately closed – I wanted to add my standing ovation – so instead let me share here why I like it so much…

Ev’s words “When I’m not experience telling, I’m bullshitting” resonate and transport me directly to my first ‘proper’ speech: a breakfast meeting of local businessmen. My material was appropriate, I was professional and succinct, even entertaining!

But the material wasn’t ‘me’.

It was information and facts and tidbits I had picked up from books, seminars, meetings, audio programmes. I wasn’t ‘telling’ from my own experience.

Contrast that with the blog posts I have found most difficult to write. They all relate to my 2300km solo trek. They were to do with my experiences with decision-making, and finances, and health.

They included information that was hard for me to share. They made me feel vulnerable and ‘less than’. They were knocking on the “I’m a failure” door.

Yet every single one of those posts brought a response that showed I had hit a nerve for my readers. It seems I wasn’t the only one to struggle with those darker feelings.

Raw honesty rewarded me with deeper human connection.

It felt good.