Me in a nutshell:

  • I’m a Scanner. The thought of a 9-5 ‘job’ restricts my breathing.
  • I strive to BE inspired, peaceful, healthy and catalytic.
  • I wish to DO more writing, speaking, learning and teaching.
  • My list of things to HAVE has changed from fast cars and big houses to simply ‘time and freedom’.
  • I’m learning about minimalism, and the process of making my life more simple.
  • It’s challenging to charge a fee for something which comes naturally to me. Yet I have to eat.
  • I’m getting better at saying No and waiting for the Hell Yeah!
  • This movie always makes me cry.
  • I’m in my flow when I’m helping people find their fizz.
  • I wonder when I will start feeling grown-up and less like a kept-in-the-dark kid.
  • I’m learning to embrace those moments when I want to jump up on my soap-box and telling the world what I really think.

What I’ve done:

  • 1987-2004: more jobs than my ‘one job for life’ parents could comprehend. Even I look back and shake my head…
  • 2001-now: volunteering quite a bit for SCOUTS New Zealand.
  • 2005-2010: discovered I was good at speaking, training, coaching, teaching – helping people believe in themselves.
  • 2010/11: trekked solo for 2300km from the top of New Zealand to almost the bottom.
  • …and now the journey continues: speaking and writing and learning and helping.

What others reckon:

“Stuart is a stunning MC. He was the glue that pasted the entire conference together.”
Spectrum Education

“I really enjoyed working with Stuart. His warmth, sincerity and commitment to assisting others to make changes in their lives made the process easy!”
Miss J.

“Stuart captures the audience’s attention! Whether he speaks to 20 or 200, you can see how focused and tuned-in both students and parents are. The feedback from our parents is very positive and they want more of his material.”
Jane Dickie, Counsellor, Villa Maria College

“Fantastic! Stuart’s key messages were clear and emphasized with humour, real life examples and reinforced throughout the presentation.”
Workshop participant

“Stuart designed and delivered a presentation at our RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) residential Leadership programme. Stuart is passionate about his subjects. He impressed me with his energy and ability to connect with the group of 18-25 year olds who were feeling tired.”
Annie Whitley, Programme Director, RYLA District 9910

You can also find me at…

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