Dust. <sniffle, wheeze, blink>

Boxes sitting stored in an unused room gather dust. <a-a-chooo!>

Dust gets up my nose so sniffling and sneezing all Sunday – the after effects are still continuing today – was the price I paid for sorting through all my stored possessions.

Was it fun? Mostly – a really nice trip down memory lane with items I had forgotten I owned.

Was it challenging? Yes – overcoming the feeling of “But I might need this again one day!” was at times difficult. Add to that the emotional attachments of “Awwww, but so-and-so gave me this!” and it was quite the head-spin exercise.

Was it releasing? Yup – to create three rather large piles of a) rubbish, b) recycling, and c) sell/give away, was uplifting. And to re-stack the boxes into an orderly pile again was pat-on-the-back worthy. Sure, there are still archive boxes which need sifting through, but they can wait for a rainy day.

At least I now know what I have. It’s strange to list my items of furniture on two hands though!

1. Super-comfy bed (I LOVE my mattress)

2. Bedside cabinets x 2 (Dad is using one in his room at present and I have managed previously without them)

3. Rimu TV cabinet (I don’t have a TV, but this can double as a bookcase. Again, could manage without it)

4. Computer desk (very un-emotionally-attached)

5. Office chair (it’s old – would love a more comfy one)

6. Rimu sea chest (full of photos, souvenirs and family memorabilia)

7. Two-seater sofa (which desperately needs recovering: 80’s floral pattern, ick!)

8. Electric piano + stand + stool (my pride and joy and greatly missed over the past year)

9. Black ‘executive’ recliner chair and footstool (practical, but not loved)

That’s it. Once a rimu table/chairs are finally sold, along with a big rimu bookcase, I will be able to fit all my possessions in a horse-float type furniture trailer.

No fridge, no microwave, no washing machine, no dryer, no car, no drawers, no stereo, no ‘spare’ anything.

Feels good. A feeling I’m not sneezing at… 🙂