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Life is full of surprises.

Do you plan for them?

This blog post is a short, sharp reminder that “because we are always changing, and the world is always changing, our plans will always change.”

I heard someone recently say that business plans should really be renamed ‘business guesses’.

I like that.


Deep down I know the decision has already been made.

The time has come to end this.

Yet the history, the shared experiences, the memories, the friendships, the fun, the learning… all get in the way of consciously standing tall and saying “Thank you. I’m done.”

I’ve lost count how many years I have been intertwined with the organisation. It has provided me education and inspiration. It’s members have provided brains to pick, ears to listen and shoulders to lean on. I like to think I have been able to return the favour along the way.

Can I put my finger on the ‘why’? Why do I want to step back? Why now?

No. It’s simply a feeling that won’t go away.

It’s time to say good-bye to that feeling.


The original post ended here. Within minutes of the link appearing on Facebook I was receiving concerned messages and phone calls from worried friends who had read between the lines and were worried about me. Thus, please continue reading for ‘more’…


When I read back over what I wrote just a few short hours ago, I can now see why people were concerned. I should have written “The time has come to end this relationship” or something similar.

What’s it all about? For 10+ years I’ve been a member of the National Speakers Association of New Zealand. This morning I resigned.

Saying good-bye hurts. Whether it’s a relationship with someone you love(d), a favourite piece of worn-out clothing or even letting go one option in favour of another, they all come with a sense of loss.

This post was simply sharing how I was feeling. I won’t pretend that since completing my trek everything has been rosy – in fact the past few years have been amongst the most challenging I’ve encountered. I continue my search for my ‘bounce’, which I sense is lurking not far away, but still tantalisingly out of reach, or hidden, or waiting…

I am humbled by how people are looking out for me and more importantly, took the initiative to make contact when they sensed something was amiss. To you all – thank you.

In search of inspiration today, I browsed.

This post by Ev Brogue (featuring Gwen Bell) hit me squarely between the eyes. Comments were unfortunately closed – I wanted to add my standing ovation – so instead let me share here why I like it so much…

Ev’s words “When I’m not experience telling, I’m bullshitting” resonate and transport me directly to my first ‘proper’ speech: a breakfast meeting of local businessmen. My material was appropriate, I was professional and succinct, even entertaining!

But the material wasn’t ‘me’.

It was information and facts and tidbits I had picked up from books, seminars, meetings, audio programmes. I wasn’t ‘telling’ from my own experience.

Contrast that with the blog posts I have found most difficult to write. They all relate to my 2300km solo trek. They were to do with my experiences with decision-making, and finances, and health.

They included information that was hard for me to share. They made me feel vulnerable and ‘less than’. They were knocking on the “I’m a failure” door.

Yet every single one of those posts brought a response that showed I had hit a nerve for my readers. It seems I wasn’t the only one to struggle with those darker feelings.

Raw honesty rewarded me with deeper human connection.

It felt good.