How many possessions do you have that were given to you by someone else, and you wish they hadn’t?

They had the best of intentions – they wanted to say ‘thank you’ or to show they care about me or to fill a perceived need. And now I’m stuck with an item that I don’t either a) use or b) love.

Am I really stuck with it? What’s getting in the way of me passing it on to someone else?


Fear that I might actually need it one day.

Fear that the giver might ask about the item. Could I truthfully tell them I no longer had it?

Fear that I will be seen as ungrateful.

Fear that I might hurt their feelings.

As good as this post is by ‘The Minimalists’ (Getting Rid of Gifts) the 75 comments by readers are the most interesting. It seems I’m not alone in wanting to find a way to keep my physical footprint small whilst still allowing people to ‘give’ to me, and me to them.

Roll on the Christmas experiment…  😉