As liberating as it is to be faced with endless opportunities, a clean slate can also be paralysing.

Which wonderful option should I choose? Which will be most enjoyable? Which will make the biggest difference? Which will be the most financially rewarding? Which will allow me to use most of my skills and talents?

By choosing just one (or two, or three…) I am effectively discarding the rest. But can I be sure the one(s) I pick are the ‘best’ option?

Simply put, I can’t guarantee that. Grrrrr…. frustrating!

The risk of ‘getting it wrong’ puts the decision-making process into molasses. Thick, sticky molasses. On a sunny day the options all seem possible, and I make progress towards those that are most desirable. On a ‘dark day’ my head spins with an exasperating cycle of optimism and negativity. Nothing gets done.

I ‘know’ logically the process I’m going through, yet I’m surprised at how I’ve been ‘feeling’ as I go through it. Quite the adventure with no map!

The solution?

Talking about it has helped. Sharing openly with folk who don’t intend to ‘solve’. They just listen and support and believe.

I am soooo fortunate to have such brilliant friends. Love you lots 🙂