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Life is full of surprises.

Do you plan for them?

This blog post is a short, sharp reminder that “because we are always changing, and the world is always changing, our plans will always change.”

I heard someone recently say that business plans should really be renamed ‘business guesses’.

I like that.


I always seem to have a long list of to-do items. Generally, they’re ‘ho-hum’ instead of ‘yehaa!’.

I’ve even tried calling them ta-da! items, in preparation for when they’re completed…

Why does it seem that if something’s NOT on the list it is automatically more appealing to do?

Today, instead of completing the preparation for next weekend’s after-dinner speech, or updating all my social media profiles, or wading through a mass of SCOUTS and National Speakers Association emails, I shifted a heavy-as sunbed for my friend.

Did it have to be done today? No.

Was it on my to-do list, moving me closer to my overall objectives for the week/month/year? Nope.

Does it feel good to have helped out and made a difference for a mate? Yup.

Sometimes the ‘wrong’ thing is the right thing to do.