A business audience wants to know firstly whether a speaker has good information; whether their attention will be captivated comes second.

A student audience flips this: “Engage us!” they cry, “Only then can you share your gems of wisdom.”

Hi! My name is Stuart and unlike a lot of speakers, trainers and coaches, I relish working with teens, students and young adults. I have an uncanny knack of explaining (so-called) complicated things in simple language. My super-power is being able to see the potential in people and situations, organisations and ideas.

Add to that my ability to turn a workplace team into a high-performing line-up, and I should have ‘Mr Versatile’ on my business card!

I’ve had a multi-industry career anchored by helping people, solving problems and uncovering positives and opportunities.

A long-time volunteer for SCOUTS New Zealand, I’m part of their National Training Team. I’m an experienced coach and professional speaker. I write and learn and teach and (can it be true?) have fun doing it.

If your organisation is dull and boring and coasting along (and you’re happy with that) please think carefully before contacting me. You may not be comfortable with how I work.

But if your team needs a shot-in-the-arm for the way they interact, or lead, or serve, or resolve, or learn, or perform, or think, please do get in touch. You will find me valuable.


TetraMap Facilitation

Maps: I recently needed lots and lots of them… I trekked solo for 2,300km from the very top of New Zealand’s North Island to (almost!) the bottom of the South Island.

I use that experience to extend the ‘nature’ metaphor of TetraMap for clients.

I love how this tool is amazingly simple: 4 inter-related elements. Yet it is versatile enough to span diverse issues, cultures, concepts and personalities. TetraMap is:

  • A training tool which has instant impact. It’s fast to learn, and has direct impact on business results.
  • A process for understanding ourselves and others. It’s a way of thinking and communicating.
  • A model which can help build self-esteem, ease conflict resolution and build deeper relationships.
  • A flexible, creative business tool with endless applications and possibilities.

Integrating TetraMap into your team, company or personal life can be a significant catalyst for transformation.

My bottom line? You’ll become more:

Inspired | Connected | Informed | Confident

Let’s talk!

Ph +64 (0) 274 874 331